Supported Living Principles


The Principles of Supported Living were created through the original pilot project for Supported Living. We believe that they apply to supporting anyone in any service category.

A Home of One's Own
  • Individuals live in homes that they own, lease or rent like other members of their community.

  • They Choose where they live and with whom, and they control what happens in their homes.

  • Individuals are secure in their homes and do not have to move if their needs, their services or their service agency changes.

  • Individuals are safe in their homes and neighborhoods.

Choice and Self-Directed
  • My voice, my choice!

  • An individual makes her own everyday choices.

  • Individuals plan for their future.

  • They direct the services they receive, and have a choice of agencies and staff.

  • Individuals are supported (e.g. technology, communication devices, behavioral support) to communicate their preferences, choices and needs.

  • Individuals are satisfied with the services they receive.

  • An individual has family, friends and neighbors who support her in regular ways or as paid help.

  • The individual and her circle of support work together as a team with the agency and others to share responsibility for her well-being.

Community Membership
  • An Individual fully participates in the mainstream of community life.

  • Individuals have opportunities to join clubs, groups, and churches.

  • Individuals use local community resources and generic services.

Flexible and Tailored Services and Supports
  • An Individual has a service plan, which is developed through a person-centered planning process.

  • The plan reflects the support that the individual wants and needs.

  • Services are provided in the individual's home and community at times when they are preferred.

  • Services offer the individual opportunities to increase competence, confidence and quality of life.






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