Supported Living Services

Pathways Services Supported Living (SLS) program provides services to individuals with developmental disabilities who need increased services above the typically allowed 40 hours in Independent Living Services. Our agency provides individualized services in order to meet the individual's daily living needs. Consumers who are referred to SLS usually need more than 40 hours of support each month and up to 24 hours a day.

The idea behind supported living is that the services are based on the needs and desires of each individual. Individuals who need increased support can live successful on their own because the support they receive does not have to decrease over time as they do in Independent Living.

Each person on our supported living program will have the opportunity to live where they wish as long as it is within their financial means. They will have the right to determine who they will reside with and the right to dictate what support staff will be working with them in their home.

Supported Living provides many of the same services as Independent Living services but with increased support than what is recieved from ILS. 
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