Independent Living Services
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The Pathways Independent Living Services program provides services to developmentally disabled adults who are supported by one of 21 regional centers in California.  We accept new referrals from all 21 California regional centers  If we are not currently vendored with a specific regional center we may explore the possibilty of becoming so. There is also the possbilty that the indiviaul referred might move into the areas we currently serve. We currently provide services through the following regional centers:


Regional Center of the East Bay


San Andreas Regional Center


Regional Center of Orange County



The Pathways Independent Living Services (ILS) program provides instruction for individuals with developmental disabilities who choose to live on their own in the community. This includes one-to-one instruction in various settings based on the personal needs of the individual. Pathways specializes in assisting those who are Deaf, hard of hearing, Deaf and blind, as well as those folks who are dual diagnosed. While we specialize in these areas, we also serve a wide variety of indivudals with various needs.


Pathways ILS services strives to provide an environment of total communication and hires Deaf ILS guides (instructors), support staff and management to better meet the unique needs of the Deaf individuals we provide services to.


ILS services begin with a formal assessment of the skills that have been determined necessary for an individual to live on his or her own within the community. This assessment can be started while an individual lives in a care home or family home, but will not be completed until the individual has moved into his or her own home. This assessment and our services include such areas as household skills, personal skills, health and safety, financial skills, community skills and awareness, and responsibility areas.


Following the completion of the assessment, Pathways works with the individual,  his/her representative from the vendoring regional center, and anyone the indivual would like invloved to develop an Individual Service Plan (ISP). This plan is the guide in which ILS services are provided. The ILS guide works with the individual to create goals based on the assesed needs of that individual and the skills necessary for that individual to successfully live on his or her own within the community.


The ongoing responsibilities of the ILS guide include assisting each individual with meeting the goals the individual has chosen to the best of that individual's ability. The ILS guides will also ensure that each person supported by Pathways is aware of services in the community that are available to him or her. The ILS guide will be available to  assist the individual's transition from a more sheltered environment into the community. This may involve assisting with finding a suitable home in the community and helping to ensure that the person is acclimated to his or her new surroundings.









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